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John Robb

.Mercy Walked In

When I Get Carried Away

.It Is Well With My Soul

Love Was In The Room

Come Spring.

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"America Come Back"

Author - John Robb

America has declined into a situation where we are, in many areas, hostile and without trust of one another. We cannot live in peace, prosperity and safety if we do not have Just and Equitable Laws. In many cases the Laws are constantly changing and are not the same for all. America was founded upon, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Founding Fathers of America learned to read from the Bible and the New England Primer, 1690, that was all Bible.


The Bible and Creation was in our Schools until US Supreme Court threw them out in 1963. Children learned of our Creator and his just laws. Today, Children are being cheated of the greatest Truth they will ever know. This book outlines a plan for Volunteer Groups in every County across America that will put the Bible and Creation back into our Schools. Many of America's crisis are examined  and solutions proposed..




 America Come Back has 64 Chapters about 140,000 words.

Following are a few of the Chapter Titles.:

State of America   

Religion in America 1788

Life in Christian America 1950's

America Today

Solutions for 8 Areas of Disaster

Who is Jesus Christ

What is a Christian- Define a Christian

What is a Christian Nation-Define a Christian Nation

1st Amendment does not Protect all Religions

When was Earth Created

Isarel and Prophecy 


Plan to form Volunteer Groups and attend School Board Meetings in every County with the facts of Creation and Fraud of Evolution, until the Bible and Creation are back in our Schools and Government.

Why our Creator’s plan for Family, Community, States and Nations with unique language, culture and boundaries under God’s Laws are essential for Security and Prosperity?

Why worshiping super natural beings is Idolatry, which is overwhelming America and our Constitution?

Why the 1st Amendment protects Bible Christianity, only; does not protect nudity, pornography and vulgar language; does not protect Libel or fabricated facts?

Why has Congress given creation of Law to the Judiciary and Bureaucrats and Coining of Money to Banks as Debt?

When and how will Israel take back the land, deport all Muslims and rebuild the Temple on the original site? America is not ready for these events.


These Graphic Decals are available Red White Blue Black Green Yellow etc. They are on non-stick paper backing with peel off wax paper and letters with glue that will stick to smooth surfaces. Peel the wax paper, place decal on surface, letters stick in alignment with proper spacing.  Easy to peel off. White letters are better for Windows. $15 each.

I                        (Item #  1)

If Police Lose The Right

To Defend Themselves

How Can They Protect


                         (Item # 3)

       (Item # 2)

When They Took God

  Out Of The Schools,

 The Devil Slipped In.

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