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3rd World Tariffs and Trump

Please read this Article and keep in mind how the Elites (Supply Siders) got America into this Disaster of Destruction. I have had 100's of People working for me and I always operated with the fact that the dumbest guy on the Job could come up with a brillant idea that the wise guys never thought of. The Elites are destroying America. Elites are running Agriculture and Manufacturing.

It is time that Men and Women of Good Will stand up and over throw the Elites as we Take America Back. Step 1: Get the Preachers and Righteous Men and Women out of the Church House and in the Public Domain engaged in the Battle for Christian America which starts in the K-12 teaching our Children our Operating Manual which is our Creator's Bible. Pray for President Trump. Christian Schools and Home Schooling is good but that alone means maybe 20% of America's Children which means 80% indoctrinated by the Liberals with no Creator and no Bible will be Ruling our Grand Children's World. Wake up and realize we are throwing our Grand Children to the Wolves.

My Comment:

$15,000 acre farm land in Corn/Soybean belt, farmers farming 50,000 acres with $1,000,000 Machines as Family Farmers are ran off the Land. A shake out is needed in the Farm Industry. Where did all these Displaced Farmers go and how about the the Small Towns that have disappeared where did they go? Supply Side, Service Economy, World Trade Organization is another name for Fuedaliasm, which our Founders fought to stop. Manufacturing in America is essential. Somebody will farm the Land and produce adequate Food. America cannot survive by buying cheap goods for basic's of Life and Defense from the $1 per hour Labor of the 3rd World while we are drowned in Debt with our nose in every Civil War in the World. Bankers coining money as Debt will be the next Over Lords. See "America come Back" on Amazon and

Tough Letter to follow.

John Robb

Peoria, IL

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