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Only Congress Can Make Law. Courts Have Stolen the Right to Make Law

Somewhere, it became the responsibility of Courts to interpret all of the Laws that the Congress passes. But, that little word has become the foundation upon which the Courts make Laws. The Courts do have the right, in their Opinion, to declare Laws Unconstitutional and when they do these Laws must go back to the Congress to make clear what they intended. If the Congress gets out of line it is the Duty, only, of We the People to vote them out of Office. The Courts in their "duty" of interpretation declared themselves the ultimate Law Maker of America. A few of these Godless Traitors must be Impeached for their violations of the Constitution and the others would be more careful.

America began in 1776 when our Founders published the Godless and Lawless crimes of England against our Thirteen Colonies. For 197 years, Legal Abortion did not exist nor did it ever enter the mind of our Founders or any of the first 9 Justices of the Supreme Court or any other Judges in America or any Congressman or President. Then suddenly in 1973, 6 Black Robed Godless, apparently with no conscience, freaks of Nature suddenly decided that a Mother has a Constitutional Right to extinguish the Life of her Baby. In the minds of these miscreants (unscrupulous villainous) the Law is whatever they decide the Law should be at any moment in Time.

Murdering of completely innocent Babies will stop when the Congress passes a Law declaring before the Law that a Baby at Conception is a Person, which will give all Babies when their Embryo attaches to the Womb the same Unalienable Rights of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that all Americans have under our Constitutional Republic as Endowed by our Creator.

Our Creator's Bible that our Founders used to establish our Constitutional Republic says in Jeremiah 1 and Psalm 139 that our Creator knew Jeremiah and David in their Mother's Womb. Our Creator knew them because they were, in their Mother's Womb, Body, Soul and Spirit just like all men and women.

Much of the deviate behavior would stop if We the People would get up off our apathetic behinds and demand that the Bible and Creation be put back in our Schools. Evolution is taught to our Children as Science although no one has witnessed Life beginning from nothing; there is not a single Fossil that shows progression from one Kind to another Kind; there are no Species that are evolving into a different Specie. Dr. Gish has said to the Evolutionists, “You have all the minerals, chemicals and Ultra Violet Light, make the Soup add the heat, electricity and Ultra Violet Light and prove your Theory." They will not prove their Theory because Evolution is impossible.

Go to learn the Facts of Creation the Fraud of Evolution and form a Volunteer Group in your County. Also learn the rich history of how our Founders founded America upon the Bible with the protection and help of our Creator. If We the People that believe the Bible and the millions that know Evolution is ridiculous will form Volunteer Groups in the majority of our 3,144 Counties and attend every School Board Meeting with the Facts of Creation we will be heard and the Politicians and Judges will be afraid to not hear our demands. We have just witnessed what We the People can do in this Election.

“Lets Roll”, form your Group of Volunteers and list your Leaders on the Contact Page of This Plan will not take a lot of $’s because the battles are going to be fought on the Local Level and it doesn’t cost much to drive across Town.

God Bless everyone who can catch this Vision. President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are going to clean out the Department of Justice and they will be our Friend and not our Enemy. We can do this and just like our Founding Fathers we can be confident that our Creator will Protect and Help us.

John Robb

309 208 3953

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