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Perils of Pauline aka Hillbillary

Here are a couple comments from an article of a Clinton admin staffer 94-2000 that says he can no longer vote for Hillbillary. When you read this keep in mind that "The Hill" is a very Liberal rag that is circulated in DC. My opinion is if you are a Never Trumper or a politician fence straddler of some kind or can't stiffen your backbone long enough to do what ever you can to stop Hillbillary from being elected you are a very naive dumb and borderline Traitor.

J Robb

Link to the story…/303542-doug-schoen-reassessing-my-supp…

Doug Schoen: Reassessing my support for Hillary Clinton OPINION | Country faces real threat of constitutional crisis under a President Clinton

FedUp • 32 minutes ago

America WAKE UP - - -Read and Re-read - Before VOTING - - -"The Establishment "In" Washington Is Corrupt " We The People can NO longer look to the Department of Justice for Justice, The FBI to be a non-partisan origination with only "Justice and Law and Order in Mind, The IRS to be Fair and Honest - - -The Progressive Democrats have destroyed the very integrity of our "Government" and the RINO Republicans have allowed then too- - ALL Three Checks and Balances are Corrupted by "Politics and Greed" - - - NOTE: After taking the oath of office following Richard Nixon’s 1974 resignation over Watergate, President Gerald Ford famously declared, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” Ford was mocked for self-serving grandiosity, yet time would prove him correct. The nation was tested by corruption in the Oval Office, but the constitutional system prevailed because good and brave people of both parties confronted the crisis. Most dramatically, Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy, William Ruckelshaus, resigned rather than follow Nixon’s order to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox in the Saturday Night Massacre. And Nixon himself resigned when even fellow Republicans signaled they were prepared to impeach and convict him. One result is that, while “Nixonian” is a synonym for illegal abuse of authority, his resignation and the smooth transfer of power marked a ringing triumph of justice. The fundamental principle that nobody in America is above the law was upheld in practice. Now imagine another scenario. America wakes up on Nov. 9 to President-elect Hillary Clinton, and to the cold reality that the same principle of equal justice is null and void. Her election would mean that some people are above the law. It would mean that one of them will assume the commanding heights of our country despite abundant evidence that she committed crimes and got away scot-free. SEE ALSO- -Google this: Clinton ally gave $500K to wife of FBI agent on email probe Clinton ally gave $500K to wife of FBI agent on email probe Oh, for the good old days of Watergate and of public servants like Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus. We should be so lucky now. Instead, we have a sitting president, Barack Obama, who presided over a corrupt Justice Department and the FBI. And instead of public servants of principle, we have a gaggle of quislings, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who put partisanship and their careers ahead of duty. Rather than ending a national nightmare, a transfer of power from Obama to Clinton would start a new crisis of confidence. Consider the threshold question of whether the Justice Department could ever be trusted to prosecute anyone in public office. If Clinton is guilty of only “mistakes” and “bad judgment” in setting up a private server, sending and receiving national secrets and destroying thousands of government e-mails, on what fair basis can any public official be held accountable? Is the bar for prosecution raised or lowered depending on political connections? Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, we also know the FBI ignored outrageous conflicts of interest among its own leadership while supposedly investigating Clinton and one of her top associates, Virginias Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The paper reported that the head of the FBI’s Washington office met with McAuliffe as the official’s wife was running as a Democrat for the Virginia legislature, and that McAuliffe funneled nearly $700,000 to her campaign. That aide, Andrew McCabe, went on to oversee the shoddy Clinton probe, and is now No. 2 in the FBI, second only to Director James Comey. And we’re supposed to believe all this is kosher? Wait, there’s more. Remember that the FBI failed even to investigate the pay-to-play patterns with donors to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state. Several reported transactions look like straight-up bribery, yet there is no sign a single person in the Justice Department suggested an inquiry. From start to finish, it is obvious that the FBI gave Clinton special treatment. The failure to empanel a grand jury and issue subpoenas, the granting of five immunity deals to her aides, and the agreement to destroy potential evidence all lead to the conclusion that Comey bent the rules to make sure Clinton was cleared. Rabid Clinton supporters comfort themselves by insisting that those who do not denounce Donald Trump are unpatriotic or worse. But you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to fear that Clinton’s election would be tantamount to approving her chronic dishonesty in public office, and would open the door to an era of corruption unprecedented in modern times. If that’s progress, then Richard Nixon got a raw deal. 2 Avatar Danny from Texas FedUp • 21 minutes ago Nixon, at least had the CLASS to resign. Bill Clinton did not have the same class as Nixon. It appears that Hillary has the same class as Bill.

Avatar Last Sane American • 38 minutes ago It's exactly what all sane people have known and been saying ALL ALONG. The Clintons are the most corrupt people in US history reach the US presidency. Bill Clinton's terms were nothing but scandal and corruption the entire time. The only good thing in his terms were that he finally joined with Republicans on the economic issues and the economy surged. BUT IT WAS THE REPS plans and Contract with America that did all that. He just came along for the ride and tries to take all the credit. Trumps economic plans will be even better than the Contract with America. Only the imbeciles who don't take into account the huge growth his plans would bring, thereby coming up with their bogus deficits, are against him.

Avatar Danny from Texas Last Sane American • 20 minutes ago Bingo. You hit the nail squarely on the head.

Avatar Le Roi Sans Sa Reine • 39 minutes ago So, for whom then will Dougie vote? Not Johnson. Stein? No one? A write on? Who? Any vote, even an uncast vote, is a vote for Trump. It is quite the conundrum.

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