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Drug Running into America by our Government

Presidents (3) and the DOJ/FBI and CIA were involved in Drug Running into America for sale on our Streets and Presidents (2) and their DOJ/FBI and CIA are continuing the Cover-up. However, there is now a Case filed in the Federal Court in Little Rock, ARK that could blow the lid off of the corruption that has filled our Government.

Establishment Hierarchy of both Parties are very Guilty and very Culpable and many false Heroes will be exposed. Trump continually expresses how Corrupt our Government is but most Americans do not realize how bad and broad it is.

Watch this 2hr 20min video that gives details of Terry and Janis Reed's Lawsuit with many pictures and documentation of the Corruption. You will see why the Establishment Republicans are so desperate to defeat Trump and keep the Clintons and the Establishment in Power.

Trump has demonstrated that he is very Patriotic and committed to re-establish Law and Order. He knows the first steps are to close the Border, stop the Drug Running, Prosecute the Dealers and Gangs, follow the trail up the Ladder and bring our Jobs back from WTO protected Traitors and 3rd World.

Trump does not smoke, drink or use "recreational" drugs and he hates the Illegal Drug Industry, which may be the reason the Establishment is trying so hard to defeat him. Globalists are up to their necks in Drugs or are turning their heads.

As you watch this Video, ask yourself, "How does someone have enough Brass to dismount Air Force One to the tune of Hail to the Chief, walk down a red carpet, mount a stand and tell of how he loves the Constitution, America a Shining City on a Hill and promise to uphold the Constitution and Defend America while he organized the importation into America and sale on the Streets of America 100's of Tons of primarily Cocaine when it first started and now Heroin, METH, etc. What great things you did for America, Mr President".

I will venture when Trump is finished with the World Trade Organization, Immigration and Illegal Drug Industry there will be a few Presidential Libraries with attendance problems. What kind of a Jerk would establish a system to smuggle 100's of Tons of Drugs into America to be sold by Drug Gangs and our Children on the Streets across America.

Pray for Terry and Janis Reed and their Attorneys that the Lord will continue to protect them and shine the Light on the Guilty. Vote Trump

Ask yourself why the Congress controlled by Republicans is not making any effort whatsoever to stop 1,000's of Illegals from voting in California and who knows how many in other States?

J Robb

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