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Short Opinion on Election Fraud

Who controlled the Congress and who was the President that passed a law that forces Ballots to be furnished in different Languages? That was a major knock down in this Fight to keep our Constitutional Republic. If Hillbillary is elected the Invasion and transition of America to a Third World Country will accelerate. All these "elites" who are systematically destroying America should review the history of Louie the 16th of France who donated his head to the People.

Recently, I heard an Israeli Christian Preacher say that there are 20-30 million Muslims in America, now. When I was in Bible College in 1986 it was being estimated by Missionary's that there were 5-6 million Muslims in America. If this continues for another 8 years within 20 years, America will be in Civil War. Better get your nose back in joint, ignore Trump's crude language and listen to him define America's Problems and his detailed Solutions.

I've been a Poll Judge for several elections. When the ballots are in different languages 90% or more of the People have no idea what the Ballot reads. We have areas in the Country where the Illegal Voting is rampant. People show up that no one knows who can't speak a word of English. We have disabled People all over the Country who do not know what day it is that are voting. Tell me how 8mm dead people can be listed as registered voters. What do these people at the Election Commissions do all day. There are several ways to cross check the registration rolls and anyone attempting to Register. What do these bureaucrats do all year? Who counts the Votes?

In IL, we box up the Printers and send them to the Election Commission. Why aren't the Votes counted at the Polling Place, Posted on the Wall and published in the News Papers? If that was done We the People could count the Vote from across the State and not be hoping George Soros Software, used in 16 States, or Bureaucrats and Party Insiders would give us an accurate and honest Count. As we watch the "establishment" Repubs trying to undermine the Man who has declared he will "drain the Swamp" why would anyone Trust these career politicians?

We have several useless Holidays, designate one of them as Election Day and all vote 7am-7pm, Purple Finger, registrations checked against SS# Verification System, no SS Card no Vote, no Absentee, no mail in, no early vote, Picture ID, Military Vote by Post Commander.

For a Citizen, getting a SS Card is very simple and if you are not contributing you don't Vote.

J Robb

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