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Christians Cannot Live Outside God’s Laws, Americans Cannot Be Free Outside The Constitution

Is there any question that Christians are in fact Christians because they live by the teachings and spiritual guidance of our Creator, Jesus Christ. The certain source of his teachings, which are his Laws, Commandments and Judgments are found upon this earth, only in the Bible. The confirmation of the leading of the Holy Spirit in our life can only be verified as from the Holy Spirit if they agree with the Bible. When the Founders of America were establishing the Laws, Statutes and Judgments that made American’s free they wrote that these freedom’s come from their Bible and are only possible as they declared in our Founding Documents that American’s “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

Christians cannot live outside God’s Laws and expect to spend Eternity with our Creator. Americans cannot continue to enjoy Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity if we continue to live outside God’s Laws.

Therefore, the Founders Bible is the most important document that American’s posses. When the Judiciary was allowed by the Congress and We the People to remove the Bible from our Schools they denied the following generations the blessings of being Free within our homes, communities, cities, states and Nation. These blessings are based upon Trust of one another when we know when we encounter a stranger we have a reasonable assurance that they have enough fear and respect of our Creator and his Statutes and Judgments administrated by a just and equitable government that they will not harm you and will most likely help you if help is needed.

Freedom of our Founders was true Freedom because American’s were confident that our government would do the right thing and had the best interest of America as the basis of how the President, Congress and Judiciary conducted our affairs of government. All of government, bureaucrats, institutions, press, hollywood even sports teams knew that America would not stand for vulgar, unclean, deceitful, dishonest, indecent, etc., Public Behavior.

The obvious down turn of Public Opinion of public, business and government behavior began when the Bible was declared a danger to Freedom and banned from Schools and Government, in 1962. Now, after a generation of Children being taught, using brain washing methods, the Creator does not exist who gave America “certain Unalienable Rights” (Bill of Rights) and all life evolved from nothing and all Laws come from whoever happens to posses enough power at any given time to make whatever Laws they decide are needed to control the people and promote their agenda for the “more evolved” modern man.

What kind of freedom would toss aside the only possibility of freedom when five Supreme Court Judges decided what was best for America? Rebellion, spawned denial that all things upon the Earth, seen and unseen, are the direct product of an all knowing, ever present and all powerful Creator who established equitable and just Moral Laws that all men who are given a free will by that Creator will be judged by the Laws of that benevolent and loving Creator.

Five Judges with lifetime tenure and their rebellious supporters possessing an “enlightenment” reasoning that “man is all there ever was or ever will be” decided they must change these eternal laws of justice too better suit the requirements of the modern evolving man and his government, personal and public. It is true that our Creator has given men and angels a free will to do whatever they please at any given time, but with that freedom of choice comes the certainty of the consequences of those choices that are sometimes immediate but always, “it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”, Hebrews 9:27. These, enlightened, that have rebelled against the Bible and our original Declaration of Independence and Constitution are determined to prove that our Creator does not exist and that the laws of personal responsibility are hindering the “freedoms” and “happiness” of modern evolving man who according to this reasoning are much smarter than our Founding Fathers.

Okay, how is this lifestyle working out? Going naked or almost naked in public; teaching Children that Johnny might be Susie never mind diseases and suicides; promiscuity, adultery and broken homes that requires the murder of innocent unborn unwanted Babies, harvesting of their body parts to keep another of the “enlightened” alive a little longer and running the remaining body parts through a commercial size garbage disposal and flushing them down the sewer to a sewage treatment plant where in some cases the “aerated effluent water is used by the “enlightened man” for other purposes; drugs, legal and illegal, are filling America with addictions of millions without their natural abilities and incapable of self support; public domain filled with violence and lack of trust among Americans from each other and millions of foreigners determined to change America to their languages, religions and cultures; gone is the tendency to stop and help perfect strangers for fear of horrible consequences; murder rates spiraling out of control; policemen regarded a danger as they try to deal with violent drug dealers, thieves, gang bangers, illegal invaders who are protected by courts and Americans who believe the violent are misunderstood, under privileged and oppressed; government ran for rich elitists by bribery and extortion; Military being murdered because they are being restrained from defending themselves; judges completely re-writing the Constitution and making the Constitution subservient to “court opinions”; Federal Reserve and Banks coining money as Debt and charging interest on the “new money”; Manufacturing, technology and inventions shipped off-shore for cheap labor that has made more $billionaires and destroyed the Middle Class; Doctors and Hospitals forced to charge outrageous prices to cover costs of treating millions of Illegal’s and Unemployed; America is now Academically ranked 34th in the World; and etc.

America is not required nor obligated to defend the entire world, receive all the poor and oppressed of the entire world and provide jobs for the entire world that are in denial of our Creator and his Bible. A nation that has written their documents of government based upon the Creator of the Christian Bible and sings “God Bless America” must be careful in their assistance of those that do not serve God. “And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord” 2 Chronicles 19:2

We do not need the wrath of our Creator upon America. We need God’s blessings as we live by his Laws.

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