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“Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the laws of God, neither in

Enmity is conflict. Bible Believing Christians must live according to the Laws of God or they are in conflict with God our Creator. In America, Patriots, including patriotic politicians, judges, professors and lawyers must be subject to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bible that established America as the land of equal men “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. Therefore, becoming and remaining the Land of the Free because of the Brave as long as the patriots are brave and stand against those that would and are diminishing the Founding Documents in favor of Case Law, accumulated by unpatriotic judges, politicians and lawyers who have amassed a body of “common law” that now supersedes the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bible.

A review of the quotations, writings and laws of our Founding Fathers clearly establishes that the foundation of America’s founding documents came directly from their understanding of the Laws of God that they learned from their Bible beginning in their childhood and continuing through their life. Over and over these men exhorted each other and future generations of Americans to teach their Children the Laws of God as they are detailed in the Bible. When the Bible was taken out of the classroom and America was flooded with different bibles, by religions of the world, different languages and godless judges and bureaucrat laws, America fell into confusion of not knowing the Just and Equitable Laws that make America the Land of the Brave and the Free.

Most university and college law schools no longer teach the Declaration of Independence and Constitution but rather “case law” that has been written as decisions issued from the “bench” as judge/panel of judges opinions of various cases brought before them. Almost, immediately like parrots more judges refer to these opinions and these opinions become what is called “settled law” by the Oligarchy of Judges that are presently ruling America as they over rule our constitutional Body of Lawmakers called the Congress and State Legislatures.

America must put the Bible of our Founders back into our Schools, Colleges and Governments. The judiciary, teachers/professors, lawmakers and preachers must be brought back to standards that represent our Creator’s Laws and the Laws of our Constitutions that made America and are the only hope we have of becoming “great again”, see for the Plan and new book “America Come Back”

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