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Creation being taught in Schools Evolutionists cry Foul

Here is an article, lampooning Creation being taught in Schools. This hyper confusion is being promoted in Schools as Science and should motivate all of us to defend our Children and Grand Children. Keeping in mind even if your precious Children are being Home Schooled or are in a Bible Believing Church School they are going to be living in a world where 90% of the Citizens have been taught the Fraud of Evolution and indoctrinated against the Bible and Creation that our "certain Unalienable Rights endowed by our Creator" are based upon.

Here is the Comment I posted on the Article: "There is not one Fossil that shows progression from one kind to another. Dogs to Cats, Horses to Cows, fish to reptiles, Monkeys to Humans, etc. If evolution happened and then stopped there would be millions of fossils and and millions of mixed kinds now, showing the evolution by parts of one kind to another. All we have is speculation drawings and models made from a few bones. Humans are not evolving we are only accumulating knowledge by experience and mistakes. For proof of the intelligence of our Founding Fathers compared to today read the writings and speeches of our Founders compared to what we see in the NY Times, Washington Post and books compared to the Bible and comparing Shakespeare and Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, etc.

For a plan to put the Bible and Creation back in our Schools and governments see Learn the facts of Creation and fraud of Evolution, form Volunteer Groups in every County (3,144) and attend School Board Meetings until the Bible and Creation are back in our Schools. Download the Power Point Page convert to Power Point and use for presentations to form your County Volunteer Group.

In order to see my comment in the article comments section you will have to look at the different methods of rating the comments, most likely "latest" or "oldest" according to when you view.

Immorality and Violence is increasing at all levels. Children when taught the Bible and Creation grow to be, Honest, Ethical, Clean, Wholesome, Trust Worthy and Industrious."

Response, if any, will be interesting. Here is a link to the evolution presentation, "Teaching Creationism In Science Class Is Dangerous"

This guy calls for People to "Stand Up For Truth Justice and Science". Ok, all of you who Love your Children enough to expose yourself to attack by Evolutionists, Atheists, Godless and Idolaters, "Lets Roll".

J Robb

309 208 3953

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