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Abortion, Women's Rights? Other American Rights

A Baby in the Womb is not a "thing" it is a unique Human Being made in the image of our Creator with the unique physical and mental characteristics of its Parents. Having harvard and yale lawyers make laws that say it is Legal to exterminate this precious little Baby does not make it Legal according to the Natural Laws given to all men by our Creator, including our Bill of Right. Murdering a Baby who is developed in 22 weeks of perfectly living life outside the Womb is Uncivilized, Barbaric and no different than Hitler's Nazi Extermination and Experimental Camps. A Baby at Week One is just as Human as at 22 Weeks and has every right to live as the Mother does, except in havard and yale case law.

Trump gave the right answer that a Woman must be punished for Murdering her Baby. The answer was not clothed in Political Correctness it was the only logical answer that someone with respect for Human Life could give. The "corrected answer" was addressed to America who has Murdered 60+ Million helpless Babies. At least with Trump we are starting with someone who has a Natural Instinct to protect the Baby, just as he does to protect America. Where are the other "pro-lifers" who are running for the Office of President, do they have Lock Jaw or have they just wet their pants and crawled under the Bed or do they choose to protect these Murders?

Recognizing in Law, Act of Law enacted by Congress and signed by the President, the Life of a Baby at Conception is a start and would make the Abortionist guilty of 1st Degree Murder and would stop 99% of all Abortions, which is Trump's Second Answer. Now, Pro-Lifer's make your Choice, either back the only Candidate who has stood up with a solution to stop this Scourge upon America or remain with the Phony Hypocrites who are hiding with the Politically Correct Women's Rights Crowd that are bringing inevitable Judgment upon America. With the Law to punish Murdering Abortionists could be a Law that would give the Mother, as an Accessory to Murder, 30 Days in the County Jail and in Second Offense 5 Years in a Federal Penitentiary.

Cruz is a Case Law Jockey, Foreign Born of Foreign Father, Not Natural Born, Wall Street, Banker and Politically Correct Opportunist, Water Boy who will keep America under the Control of Foreigner Controlled Globalist. Wake up America, the Invasion that is going on is Deadly Serious. Foreign Manufacturing is destroying America. Bankers contribute nothing to our Economy they are bleeding America to Death by Coining all Money as Debt.

The only way our Government is Of the People, By the People and For the People is by American Citizens keeping our Right to Vote. Cruz has a Crew of Politicians canvasing the Delegates trying to use the Republican Convention Rules to Elect the Republican Nominee that does not have the Majority of State Primary Votes of We the People. What does that tell you about this Foreign Born character's willingness to subvert the Constitution?

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