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Bible, Creation, Constitution, Bill of Rights Most Important in Schools

The Bible and Creation must be put back in our Schools and Government with unrevised American History taught in conjunction with Constitution, Bill of Rights and Civics so the students have an understanding of how government works. The right to own and enjoy Private Property is one of the Foundations of a Free Society.

Harney County, Oregon is an example of years of confiscation of Private Property by the Federal Government. 40 years ago, Harney County's economy was almost entirely Private Enterprise. Today, 90 percent of the Economy is from our Broke Federal Government.

Ranchers, Miners and Loggers are not looking for the Land to be sold to Private Interest. Ranchers are not looking for Ted Turner Estates all over the West. Ranchers, Miners and Loggers are a Productive part of our Economy and provide a well managed Range of Multi-Use for Cattle, Sheep, Hunters, Fishermen, Campers, etc and do not require anything from Bureaucrats, Bureaucrats produce absolutely nothing but Red Balance Sheets.

The Range was developed by Ranchers, Loggers and Miners and Contracts were made giving Ownership of Water Rights, Grazing Rights, Forestry Leases and Mining Claims to Individuals that are Valued by the Assessor and Taxed by Local Government as Private Property. Enter Taylor Grazing Act (1934), Wild Horse Act 1959 & 1971, EPA Clean Water/Clean Air Act (1972) mortificated into a Puddle Classified into Navigable Waters of the US Government, Endangered Species Act (1973), Land Management Act (1976), Healthy Forest Restoration Act (2003), which have spawned into dozens of Federal and State Agencies and are Bills of Attainder and Ex Post Facto Laws prohibited by Article 1 Section 10 US Constitution.

Administrative Procedures Act gave all these Bureaucrats, "Sovereign Immunity" which allows Bureaucrats to Make up Evidence, Write Claims of Contract Breech, Asses Penalties and Fines for any reason without any Personal Liability Whatsoever and set off 38 year Lawsuits (Hage Pine Creek Ranch vs US) still in Court.

Bureaucrats can flood the Range with Wild Horses, Large Carnivores, Plant Endangered Species and Foreign Species that force Cattle and Sheep off the Range, remove Access Roads and Fire Breaks, prohibit harvest of Timber until the Forest is an Inferno of Fuel that has completely burned up Millions of Acres and Killed Dozens of Fire Fighters, expose Families, Hunters, Fishermen, Campers, Hikers, Livestock, Elk, Deer and Buffalo to being Eaten Alive in an Outdoor Zoo with no Boundaries without any Bureaucrat suffering any Personal Liability Whatsoever.

Many of the High Desert areas of the West had very little Wildlife before the Homesteaders and Ranchers developed and distributed Water across the very Dry Landscapes. These Water Rights are owned by Individuals and some Cities. Many of these Owners have been prohibited from utilizing this valuable Personal Property and in 100's of Cases have been completely ran off the Land by Bureaucrats and their Tree Hugger friends.

In the High Desert there are $Trillions of Oil, Coal, Uranium, Rare Minerals that are essential to our Livelihood and National Defense. Oil Reserves of 1.5 Trillion Barrels estimated by DOE as recoverable. Genie Energy (GNE) has a method to extract Oil from Hard Rock for $40 per Barrel at the Wellhead (partially refined will burn in a Diesel Engine and more valuable than our best Crude) with very little disruption of the Surface, but they are locked out by these different Acts of Bills of Attainder and Ex Post Facto Laws.

Vote Trump, lay off the Bureaucrats, reduce College Costs, reduce Medical Costs, bring back Manufacturing from 3rd World $1 hr Labor, tell Europe, Middle East, Japan, Korea to Grow Up Defend themselves, utilize all our Energy no imports, Close the Borders, Deport Invaders and Religions that have declared War on America, Rebuild the Military, take care of the Veterans, charge the Banks and Federal Reserve a Fee for Coining Money,

Voting all one day 7-7, Purple Finger, Photo ID, Registration by SS# Verification 10 days before all Elections, no Mail-in or Absentee, Prosecute Global Warming Professors and Companies make them prove Man Made Global Warming.

Put the Bible and Creation back in our Schools make the Professors and Teachers prove Evolution. Prosecute the Global Warmers make them prove that Climate Changes are caused by increasing CO2.

Get a Decal "CINO" Conservative In Name Only

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