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"Prohibiting Beneficial Use of Water Rights and Mining Rights are Bills of Attainder and Ex Pos

(Revisions and Additions to previous article seeking comments, opinions and support.) See Plan of Action below, can this be done? Ranchers own the Water Rights that all the "Endangered Species", federal managers and Enviro Invaders are drinking. Miners own Mineral Rights that are being prohibited from Mining, Access by Easements are being Prohibited. Article 1 Section 10 "No State shall...pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts,..." see James Madison Federalist Number 44 The Endangered Species Act, Taylor Grazing Act and Administrative Procedures Act are "ex post facto Law" when they are used to steal or prohibit use by owners of Water Rights and Grazing Rights; make Mineral Rights unusable and without Value and Prohibiting Access by Easements that are decades and more than 100 years old. BLM, Forrest Service, EPA, etc are assessing Fines or Punishment without Trial that are impairing or prohibiting use of Water Rights, Grazing Rights or Access by Easements, are all "Bills of Attainder". Across the Western High Desert cattle and sheep production has thrived since the 1860's. Enter the Federal Land Managers and production of Cattle and Sheep has been reduced by 75%. In many areas Lumber Production has ceased altogether and Mining of Essential Minerals has stopped or is greatly reduced. All of this "production management" is much more expensive. Federal Management of Ranching is more expensive than the Grazing Fees that was touted in the Taylor Grazing Act as beneficial and essential to Cattle and Sheep Production.

BLM, Forrest Service, DOI Fish & Wildlife are not a benefit to Rural Communities they have become a Plague upon the Land. Ranchers, Farmers, Lumberjacks, Miners are the best managers of our Rural Resources, not dreamers from Suburbia and Academia. As Milton Friedman said, Turn Desert Management to the Federal Government and in 5 years there will be a Shortage of Sand." When America's incredibly productive Economy was producing massive amounts of Discretionary Cash we could afford to spend on dreamer ideas of "Outdoor Zoos" and Parkland for Vacationers and Bird Watchers. America is Broke and saddled with $19 Trillion in Deficit and $200T in Future Obligations that cannot possibly be Paid. Freeloaders like Environmentalists, Global Warmers, Planners, Managers, Bureaucrats, Tree Huggers, Species Managers are an Expense that can no longer be supported. Ranchers, Miners and Loggers are all in favor of Sustainable Multiple Use Management of the Western Public Lands. Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping works well with Profitable Production that has sustained Rural Communities since the 1860's. Herds of Wild Horses, Elk, Buffalo, Deer, Carnivores can no longer be allowed to range freely without Harvest upon land that is watered by Water Rights owned by Ranchers. Large Carnivores do not fit with Civilizations that raise Families and Domestic Animals. Ranchers, Miners and Loggers must be allowed to manage access to their Property. Not completely immune irresponsible Bureaucrats. Plan of Action: Cut the Bureaucrats by 90% and make the rest responsible and Liable for their Actions that cause damage to Private Property such as Water Rights and Grazing Rights. The Administrative Procedures Act that gives Bureaucrats "sovereign immunity" protecting them from any Liability for their Actions must be repealed or modified to eliminate Sovereign Immunity. Congress must pass a Code of Ethics and Procedures for all Bureaucrats that when violated is automatic Termination, Fines, Suspension without Pay and Personal Damages as in Private Industry when individuals of Corporations are found Guilty of Neglect. America is over ran with Bureaucrats, Regulations, Monopolies, Federal Reserve and Bank Fraud, Banks Coining Money, Foreign Invaders, Foreign Manufactured Goods and in great deficit of Anti-Trust Law enforcement, Environmental damage enforcement, Deficit Spending, Policing the World, Open Borders, Media Liable and Immorality. Education System is not teaching the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights or Civics. They are teaching Evolutionism, Islamism, Communism, Socialism, Feudalism, Environmentalism, Transgenderism and Rebellion. Go to Trump Rallies and Shout, "Stop the Foul Language" and "Fulfill your Promises". Vote for Trump the House Cleaner.

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