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The History of Darwinian Evolution

The Therory of Evolution is nothing more than Fraud in the same class as Anthropogenic Global Warming (man releasing too much CO2 which forms an insulating blanket in the upper atmosphere that holds the Heat in and will melt the Ice and drown or burn up all men and creatures).

The probability for this to occur is about equal to the Moon falling out of the Sky because it is being flashed by teenagers with Lazer Lights. All plants, basic for all food, use CO2 to grow and emit Oxygen which man needs to live.

We can all see that evolution is not occurring as there is no cats to dogs, cows to horses, hippos to rhinos, fish to turtles, etc. If monkies evolved to men why do we still have monkies?

David Cloud published the following, September 8, 2015 on the net:

ERASMUS DARWIN (1731-1802), the grandfather of Charles, is one of the pioneers of evolution during its "sleeping" period. He did not believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible or the Deity of Jesus Christ or salvation from sin or heaven or hell. Erasmus taught that all living things evolved from sea creatures. His family coat of arms consisted of three scallop shells with the motto E conchis omnia or "everything from shells." He believed in God, but not in the God of the Bible. His God was a God who brought life into existence and then let evolution take its course. His God does not intervene in the affairs of man. Erasmus called God "the vast Unknown." In his books Zoonomia and The Temple of Nature, Erasmus Darwin taught the theory of evolution. He believed that everything arose from an original "living filament" which was formed by "spontaneous vitality" in "the primeval ocean." He promoted ancient goddess worship and featured depictions of the goddess Urania and the goddess Diana in The Temple of Nature. He said that he was taught this poem by the goddess.

Ere Time began, from flaming Chaos hurl'd

Rose the bright spheres, which form the circling world ...

Nurs'd by warm sun-beams in primeval caves,

Organic Life began beneath the waves. ...

Hence without parent by spontaneous birth

Rise the first specks of animated earth;

From Nature's womb the plant or insect swims,

And buds or breathes, with microscopic limbs. ...

New powers acquire, and larger limbs assume;

Whence countless groups of vegetation spring,

And breathing realms of fin, and feet, and wing.

Erasmus Darwin thought of himself as a free thinker, but his religion was nothing more than ancient Babylonian goddess-earth worship. In fact, it goes farther back than this, to the devil's lie to Eve, "Ye shall be as gods" (Genesis 3:5).

In Erasmus' day, most people in England and Europe and America believed in divine creation according to the Bible's account. Erasmus was in the very small minority.

CHARLES LYELL (1797-1875) used geology to overthrow the teaching of the Bible. He published Principles of Geology in 1830-33. Lyell rejected the Bible's account of the global Flood. He taught that the earth's geological layers were formed gradually over millions of years of buildup. This is called the doctrine of uniformitarianism. It was first taught by James Hutton, but it was Lyell who made this doctrine influential. Lyell said "the past is the key to the present," meaning that conditions have remained the same over eons of time. Darwin enthusiastically accepted Lyell's principle, saying that Lyell had "produced a revolution in natural science." Darwin later said, "The science of Geology is enormously indebted to Lyell--more so, as I believe, than to any other man who ever lived" (p. 101). Lyell was one of the men who urged Darwin to write On the Origin of Species (p. 122).

Lyell was as much a Bible hater as he was a geologist. He was "thoroughly liberal in his religious beliefs or rather disbeliefs" (Charles Darwin, Autobiography, p. 100). Lyell's objective was to destroy the authority of the Genesis record. He hoped to use his uniformitarian "theory" to drive men "out of the Mosaic record" (Life, Letters, and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell, I, pp. 253, 256, 328, cited from John Whitcomb, The World that Perished, p. 70). Darwin and his fellow evolutionists loved Lyell's uniformitarian doctrine because it provided them with the eons of time needed to make evolution seem feasible.

CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) is considered the father of evolution in modern times. He published On the Origin of Species in 1854. He claimed that all creatures have descended over millions of years from original forms of life. He speculated that the process of evolution is natural selection whereby creatures change through the pressures and necessities of the environment. In other words, the wing originated because the original flying creature needed to fly. He gave no evidence that the process of natural selection could create complex organs and new creatures. Instead, he gave evidence that creatures such as pigeons can change in minor ways. He showed that pigeons can change into different types of pigeons, but he did not show that a pigeon could change into a different kind of creature. He showed how that a pigeon can have different types of wings, but he didn't show how that the wing could come into existence in the first place.

Darwin claimed that he was still a Theist of some sort when he wrote On the Origin of Species, but that "since that time it has very gradually with many fluctuations become weaker" (Autobiography, p. 93). Eventually Darwin adopted Thomas Huxley's term "agnostic" (p. 94).

THOMAS HUXLEY (1825-1895) was called "Darwin's Bulldog" because he was the main public defender of Darwinian evolution in Darwin's day. Whereas Charles Darwin was reclusive and did not like public debates, Huxley was combative and loved the public light.

Huxley was bold in his rejection of the Bible. When his first son died at age four, Huxley rejected the idea that he needed "the hope and consolation" of Christ. When the preacher read from 1 Corinthians 15 at the funeral, Huxley said, "I could have laughed with scorn" (Desmond, Huxley, p. 288).

Huxley counted famous Bible mockers such as Herbert Spencer, John Stuart Mill, and George Eliot among his best friends. They wanted "a hammer to break the creationist shackles" (Desmond, Huxley, p. 186), and evolution was that hammer.

Huxley was one of the prominent voices in England for the overthrow of the Christian faith. He wanted to "see the foot of Science on the necks of her enemies" (Desmond, p. 253).

Huxley claimed that Jehovah God was an invention of man. He called the Bible's account of Jesus casting out demons "preposterous."

Huxley and his friends took control of science in England. He founded the X-Club, which was dedicated to "science, pure and free, untrammeled by religious dogmas." "Huxley's X-Club nickname was Xalted.

Science became the new religion and scientists the new priests.

Pope Huxley and his fellow bishops in the Church of Science brought back the inquisition. If a scientist dared to question evolution, he was persecuted. Freedom of thought and inquiry was not allowed.

Consider George Mivart. He was a disciple of Huxley at first, but he began to question Darwinian evolution and eventually rejected it. Huxley had him kicked out of scientific organizations. Mivart was treated like a leper.

This persecution is still going on today in every field of science.

Ben Stein's video documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed examines the persecution of scientists and professors who dare to question Darwinism.

Huxley coined the term "agnostic." It means "no knowledge." The agnostic claims that there isn't sufficient evidence to know if God exists. It glorifies a skeptical mindset that doesn't accept the Bible as God's Word. Huxley's biographer said, "Agnosticism was to become the new faith of the West."

David Cloud of Bible Way Literature defends the Faith and exhorts Belivers by continually publishing information such as this history of the Evolution Therory. David is a Missionary in Eastern India. He publishes books and a weekly news service on the internet: Fundamental Baptist Information Service, PO Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061 , 866-295-4143 - Go to the website or email to be added to his mail list.

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