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America's Christian Heritage Is Being Threatened: Bible Believing Churches Must Oppose The Wicke

Governor Hutchinson and Arkansas Legislature backed up. Governor Pence and the Indiana Legislature backed up. I don’t believe they would have had they been supported with 50 each of some 10,000 Churches in Arkansas and 10,000 in Indiana that say they believe the Bible. Little Rock and Indianapolis full of Christians and a side trip to Bentonville to tell WalMart you can move to San Fran anytime you want we are now only stopping at your stores as a last resort, would cause emergency meetings of reconsideration, everywhere. Instead a small group of the "Gender Idenity" crowd stampeded those who claim to believe the Bible.

Here is a link to a story on World Net Daily, “Left Tries To Quash Indiana Pizza Uprising” click here You may have to copy this and paste it into your address window. Reading the comments to this article is in most cases very encouraging. Following is a reply I made to a Comment by Nan.

  • Nan•2 hours ago

This has nothing to do with the LGBT community. It's about the removal of the belief in God from the Government, schools and family. It's a tactic to bully We the People to shut up and sit down. A house divided against it self cannot stand. The fundamental transformation of the United States of America. We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night!!!

”Nan, you are absolutely correct. If the Bible believing and Bible living Churches do not crawl out from under their Pews, Bible Believing Christianity in America will be destroyed. has a plan to bring the Bible and Creation back to our Schools by organizing groups in every County in America to learn the Facts of Creation and the Fraud of Evolution and attend every School Board Meeting with these Facts until the Bible and Creation are back in our Schools.

As you read this WND story, notice that many of the donations to the Pizza Resturant Owners are from people who are not Christians. I believe 75% of the people I talk to on the street agree almost immediately that the Bible and Creation should be back in our Schools.

Churches do not realize how much danger they are in. The Liberals have been attacking the First Amendment for years. Freedom of Speech is now the right to use any kind of Filthy Language and appear in public with little or no clothes; for the Media to lie about anyone and fabricate anything. Freedom of Religion is now the right to practice and teach our Children of any religion the Devil has dreamed up and to ban our Creator Jesus Christ and his Bible of our Founders from our Education System. Their goal is to close Bible Preaching Churches and ban the Bible from America.

President James Garfield, in 1881, said, "The people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities...If the next generation does not find us a great will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture and the morality, of the nation do not aid in the controlling of the Political Forces”

The liberals stole America by indoctrinating our Children. We will only win America back if we rebut the Lies and stop the indoctrination of our Children by putting the Bible and Creation back in our Schools.

If you talk to anyone about this effort, be sure and tell them the “Plan” in this order: 1 Go to the website, learn as much as you can from and other sources such as, Institute of Creation Research about the facts of Creation and the fraud of Evolution; 2. Volunteer as a leader for your County on site Contact page (or find 3 leaders for your County) I will post each Leader on site 'States' page that lists all Counties, so all Volunteers can find their Leaders; 3. Form your County Group, have meetings, teach and learn. 4. Wait to start going to School Board Meetings until we have a large number of Counties with Groups formed and Prepared. 5. Hopefully by late Summer or Early Fall we will have enough County Groups in enough States to keep the “Gender Identity” crowd from running us out of town. Each County will be responsible for organizing, editorials, ads, funding, etc. Website is only for furnishing and sharing Information and finding County Leaders.

As Evangelist Charles Finney and President James Garfield said in the quotes on the back of my cards, the destiny of America will be determined by what the Christians do. If the Christians stay in the Church House and let the Wicked keep running our Governments, America is not long for this piece of land we currently occupy. The new replacement may or may not be called America

Caps and Shirts etc with Son of the Creator or are necessary to positively identify all the people of our groups because the MSM will lie about how many of us are at these meetings and try to discount us as nothing. Group rates for Caps $10.50 is to allow some margin for the County Groups to raise Funding. Caps like these sell for $25 to $30 everywhere and they are not as good a quality and they are made in China, etc.

If there is a better way, I have not seen it. There are many Preachers preaching their hearts out and America is still going down the Sewer. Our Creator ordered us to govern ourselves, our Families, our Communities and our Civil Governments. We must get up and get it done. Arkansas and Indiana elected the best they could and we thought they would never back up, would be our Champions that would bring the wicked under control and insure our freedom. We have just witnessed that that Plan is a pipe dream.

We must stand up and be active in our issues. The education system is lying about Creation and Evolution, the Gender Idenitity (1%) are defacto changing the First Amendment to protect every “religion” except Bible Believing Christianity. If these are not issues for Bible Believers to be actively involved in, what is?

There are many "conservatives" who are promoting and participating in compromising with those who want to silence Bible Believers and our Creator's Moral Laws. Let us not forget that even though God loves us he will not compromise his Moral Laws for us. Jesus Christ went to the Cross because he would not compromise his Moral Laws to save us and we must not either. If we keep compromising God's Laws of Morality it will destroy the America that we love.

John Robb

Peoria, IL

309 208 3953

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