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Darwin’s Errors (chronological order), Rebutted with Scientific Facts

“Darwin’s writings are filled with myth and scientific blunders.” Nevertheless, educators have taught that Darwin’s Evolution Theory is scientific fact and the Bible is nothing more than stories handed down by word of mouth and hear say that has been proven wrong over and over. Darwin and his followers have done great damage to America by teaching generations of our gullible Children that the Fossil Record, Physics, Geology, Biology, etc., have proven Evolution to be Science.

In reality there is not a single piece of evidence that supports Evolution. There are millions of Fossils but not a single one that shows the slightest amount of changing from one specie to another. Darwin recognized there were “missing links” but believed and wrote that future exploration and research would find them. None have been found.

The hoaxes have all been gross exaggerations or outright fabrications by zealous Evolutionists. Darwin was the standard bearer for this habit as in his evaluation of a primitive people at the southern tip of South America. Following is an excerpt from David Cloud "Darwin’s Errors”. Use link to subscribe to this information service, their weekly articles are very well researched and informative.


Darwin visited the Fuegian Indians on Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America, and considered them very "primitive." He believed that their language consisted of only about 100 different sounds (Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution, p. 240). These people were considered remnants of "pre-historic" cave men by Darwin and his followers. To Darwin, the Fuegians were closer in nature to beasts than to man:

"I could not have believed how wide was the difference between savage and civilised man; it is greater than between wild and domesticated animals, inasmuch as in man there is a greater power of improvement ... the difference between a Tierra del Fuegian and a European is greater than between a Tierra del Fuegian and a beast" (Darwin, cited from V. Barclay, Darwin Is Not for Children, 1950).

This was disproven by English missionary Thomas Bridges, who lived among them.

"He found the natives moral, kind and sociable. They had respect for family life and were not cannibals. Mr. Bridges spoke the languages of the tribe. He compiled a dictionary that was not exhaustive but contained 32,000 words and inflexions. The vocabulary was rich and the grammatical constructions involved" (Pitman, p. 241).

Darwin was wrong abut the Fuegians.”

Creation and the Bible have been challenged millions of times by unbelievers and it has proven every time to be correct in the smallest of details. And, especially in Moral Law, Creation and Prophecy 1,000’s of years in the Future. Man did not write the Bible, our Creator wrote the Bible. Consider how accurate the Bible is even, today. History, even of today that we are living, is constantly being changed in our Media and our Text Books. How can anyone trust man’s account of History in comparison with the Bible? has been updated to provide for signing up of Volunteer State and County Leaders. Go to “Contact” page and give your Name, Email, Phone, State and County. No addresses please. On the “States”page I will list all these Volunteers and anyone will be able to click on their State and County and contact their Leaders.

I will continue to post information to prepare all of us to make our case before our Family, Friends, Churches and anywhere we can get a willing listener. It seems to me that 75% of all that I speak with are all for Creation and the Bible back in our Schools. We can do this, let’s all get up and get this job done.

Please go to this link here scroll down to “Darwin’s Errors” and read David Cloud’s complete article. The format and writing style is very easy to follow and to learn some valuable info that we will need. There are 12 subtitles in this article. Thank you very much, David Cloud.

Thank you,

John Robb

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