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Tell Me Why with some answers

Why can Muslims block off streets for prayers to their moon god and Americans cannot teach the Bible and pray to our Creator and God of our Fathers in our Schools and seek our Creators guidence in our governments? There are many answers, here are a Few:

" Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." John Jay, First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, United States, 1889-1895. 1) We the People have chosen Godless People as our Leaders, in the Pulpits, Government and our Institutions. All are not, but the majority must be or America would not be in such a desperate state of decline in every measure of what has been the Greatest Nation on Earth. 2) God gave America his Holy Bible and We the People have re-written it many times so that we now have many choices as to "What God said" or we have allowed "scholars" of Hebrew and Greek to change the Holy Bible given to us by our Fathers to fit their ideas of what God "tried" to say or "shoulda" said or their "Council of Wise Guys" say it said. The Bible is very simple, written to a Fifth Grade Level. God said it and we had better do it or not do it or suffer the consequences. 3) We have allowed a "Man" or "Councils of Men" give us, We the People, new and conflicting "New Revelation" from God (additions to the Bible or new doctrines of men). 4) We the People have allowed the Courts and Congress to destroy the Constitution given to We the People by our Creator. 5) We the People have no problem with offending our Creator, but we must not offend any of a number of Lunatics who worship any number of other gods or Creation instead of the Creator or inanimate statutes or objects, or dead men or living men that they bow before or pray to and call their god, or gods. 6) We the People elected a Muslim. We the People nominated a Mormon (who believes he will be a god on his own planet, that Jesus Christ was created and brother of Satan plus many other things unique to his bibles) or one who claims to be a Christian who has another bible or books of instructions from his god and bows down before men, and prays to dead people and before statutes or inanimate objects.

"In forming and setting my belief relative to the doctrines of Christianity, I adopted no articles from creeds but such only as, on careful examination, I found to be confirmed by the Bible.", John Jay First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 1889-1895 You and I have to choose the Bible that we are going to believe. I have chosen to believe the Bible that was used by our Founding Fathers who founded this "Nation upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ", Patrick Henry. I have an 1813 Bible which is exactly word for word that our Founders learned to read from and used to establish our Constitution and this Nation. You can have an exact word for word copy. Go to the nearest Religious Book Store and buy an Authorized King James Version, which is word for word as the 1813 KJV Bible. If you have other versions of the Bible you will recognize that they are very different. Like Preaching and commentary they can be helpful for understanding, but do not believe any part that conflicts with the Bible of our Founding Fathers.

If you want some help and proof that the KJV Bible is the Bible of our Founding Fathers read my paper "King James Bible, Yesterday and Today, Bible of America's Founding Fathers" Request a copy

"Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot not rest forever." Thomas Jefferson, carved in the inner stone wall of the Jefferson Memorial.

I do not believe for one moment that God chooses our Presidents or any other of our Leaders. We have that choice and duty to govern ourselves and choose our Leaders. If we serve the Lord we can pray and he will help us choose. However, if you get the bright idea that you should vote for someone who has declared and demonstrated publicly that they belong to a religion or are engaged in behavior that does not square with the Bible of the Founders of this Christian Nation, you are not hearing from God.

God has laid down Spiritual Laws to govern the Spirit World, Physical Laws to govern the Physical World and Moral Laws to govern man's behavior. In all these men have the freedom of choice, but God warns of the dangers and consequences.

In the Physical Laws we can see the judgement or justice almost immediately in most cases and we can and have learned of the physical laws by experiment, trial and error.

In Spiritual Laws we can choose to follow whatever spirit we choose and it is obvious that is what most of the world is doing. Judgment can come very quickly or not until we die. If you are not following the Spirit of God as declared very clearly in the Bible you are following some sort of a devil.

In the matter of moral behavior we choose to do what ever we want whenever we want and Judgment will not happen in this life most of the time. However, if you are not behaving as plainly stated in the Bible final Judgment by Jesus Christ will happen after we die, according to the Bible God gave us.

Muslims praying every Friday in Streets of New York City

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