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Discovery of DNA completely destroys all of the Theory of Evolution

Washington University has published that there are 100 Trillion Cells and 100 Trillion Atoms in an average sized adult Man and more or less according to the size. All these Cells have a Nucleus, Membrane, Plasma, Mitocondria, DNA, receive nurishment and discharge waste and the Atoms are similar in contruct and function.

We know that in all Babies is found particular and unique information that determines that they will grow in a certain way that causes them to look like their Parents. DNA from any part of two people can determine if they are related. This information is transmitted into the Embryo from the Parents at Conception.

As a Baby grows to an adult all Cells split and this information called DNA is transfered to the new and increasing numbers of Cells. If there is an injury or disease the DNA can be damaged and the result will be some sort of a defiency or deformity of the growing Baby, Child, Teenager and Adult.

"A good article, thanks, but one thing it highlights to me is the silliness of saying, as you do, that one body made up of some 3 or 4 x 10(13 more zeroes) cells working in complete harmony, to form one single being, evolved. The DNA in each of those cells contains not only a digitally encoded design for that particular cells construction & function, but that for the whole body, as it moves through all its stages of develoment. If the universe is approx 14 billion yrs old, and the earth less than 1 billion (10(12 more zeroes)) , that is a huge amount of developnent per year. I believe there to be tens of megabytes of hugely clever and compact code per dna, so some intelligence had to imagine the complete design, then encode it. I think the average human programmer is only capable of tens of bytes of code per day, so how many days does it take for random chance to produce a million (mega, i.e. 10(6 more zeroes)) times that. Anyway, a biochemist estimated that, starting with the basic elements and joining them, there is only 1 chance in 10(125 more zeroes) that one of the protiens required to sustain life would be formed, and approximately 250 different such proteins are required, and that before the DNA code can be written, and none of those chemicals and codes give life they are just required to sustain and build it, and are still there when life departs from the human body, though start breaking down (decaying) as soon as it does. No wonder you said it was “remarkable”, some would say that it is actually a mathematically ridiculous (prepostuous) supposition." Anonymous

All of DNA demonstrates very complex engineering and design. Big Bangs, Spontaneous Generation and Evolution do not have a Designer Engineer that conceived and developed this system that is transfered precisely from Generation to Generation of Man and Beast that do not mix the Kinds into Hybrids and Monsters. And, no Drugs or Microchips it is all Flesh and Blood.

The Designer and Engineer is the Creator of our Bible and God of our Founding Fathers of this Nation. Upon all followers of our Creator, Christians, falls the responsibility to re-establish in our Schools and Governments the teaching of the Bible and Creation and deliver our Children from the web of Lies that the Therory of Evolution most assuredly is.

Some information taken from Institute of Creation Research.

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