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Man’s created Body How it works and is supported by Creation

Man’s created Body

How it works and is supported by Creation

Man’s created body held together by Bones, Ligaments, Tendons and Muscles is supported and supplied with Energy and Oxygen from the Blood that is distributed by the Cardio/Vascular System (Heart, Lungs and Blood Vessels) which they receive from the Digestive System of the Stomach and Intestines that are supported by other organs (i.e) Bone Marrow (makes Blood), Kidneys (cleans waste from Blood and eliminates with excess water), Pancreas (regulates Blood Sugar by making and injecting Insulin into the Blood) and Glands that make Hormones, Enzymes, etc., such as the Liver which is the largest gland that makes Bile (for digestion) and filters the Blood to remove Poisons e.g. Alcohol and Drugs.

All controlled by the Brain that is made of 86 billion neuron cells according to latest count in 2009 by Dr Suzana Herculano-Houzel. Then there are the Billions of Cells in the Brain Fluid, insulator Myelin and Brain outer covering. Uses chemicals to generate electrical pulses that travel down nerves and signal muscles to react.

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Then after all this is Life within the Body. What is it, were does it come from and where does it go?

Here is a link in National Geographic, “How Many Cells Are In Your Body” by Carl Zimmer from a secular view that calls the DNA code that makes the Human Body “amazing”. Following is a comment on this article that says it very well.

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2. Denis Gilmore March 29, 2014

A good article, thanks, but one thing it highlights to me is the silliness of saying, as you do, that one body made up of some 3 or 4 x 10(13) cells working in complete harmony, to form one single being, evolved. The dna in each of those cells contains not only a digitally encoded design for that particular cells construction & function, but that for the whole body, as it moves through all its stages of development. If the universe is approx 14 billion yrs old, and the earth less than 1 billion (10(12)) , that is a huge amount of development per year. I believe there to be tens of megabytes of hugely clever and compact code per dna, so some intelligence had to imagine the complete design, then encode it. I think the average human programmer is only capable of tens of bytes of code per day, so how many days does it take for random chance to produce a million (mega, i.e. 10(6)) times that. Anyway, a biochemist estimated that, starting with the basic elements and joining them, there is only 1 chance in 10(125) that one of the proteins required to sustain life would be formed, and approximately 250 different such proteins are required, and that before the dna code can be written, and none of those chemicals and codes give life they are just required to sustain and build it, and are still there when life departs from the human body, though start breaking down (decaying) as soon as it does. No wonder you said it was “remarkable”, some would say that it is actually a mathematically ridiculous (preposterous) supposition."

DNA is exactly specific in the detail of every part of our bodies. These DNA chains that make all of these incredible organs is made of Proteins. So, we have the classic “chicken & egg problem” who made the Proteins that made the DNA Chain that is part of the fertilized egg that made our beautiful Children and Grandchildren? We all know that only the Creator could create our bodies. Our Children need to be taught in School the Truth and not a package of Lies that cannot possibly be True.

As with the Earth, Sun and Moon, how does the creation of bodies by bodies remain constant not only for Humans but all the Creatures of Creation according to their Kind for 6,000 years. We cannot continue to stand by and allow America’s Children to be taught the Lie of Evolution.

J Robb

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