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Transgender Athletics and Locker Rooms in MN High Schools

Folowing are excerpts from WND here

Please read this article.

"transgender” policy on the Dec 4 Agenda of the Minnesota State High School League.

“Fundamental fairness, as well as most local, state and federal rules and regulations, requires schools to provide a transgender student with equal opportunities to participate in athletics,” argues a version of the policy draft reviewed by WND.

Dave Stead, Exec Dir of MSHSL said: “The issue is that there are some students who present themselves differently from what they were assigned at birth."

This is another reason we must get the Bible back in our Schools. America is a Christian Nation and cannot survive as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave without teaching our Children that we are made in the Image of our Creator and we must live by his Laws.

Please pass along this info and this website to everyone you can.

J Robb

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