America Come Back paperback


 President Lincoln: “Philosophy in the Class Room in this Generation will be the philosophy of Government in the next.”America has declined into a situation where we are, in many areas, hostile and without trust of one another. We cannot live in peace, prosperity and safety if we do not have Just and Equitable Laws. In many cases the Laws are constantly changing and are not the same for all. Trouble began when the US Supreme Court threw the Bible out in 1963. Before, Children learned of our Creator and his just laws. Today, Children are being cheated of the greatest Truth they will ever know. This book outlines a plan for Volunteer Groups in every County across America attending School Board Meetings until the Bible and Creation are back in our Schools. Many of America's crises are examined and solutions proposed.

    Each County will organize their own Group.  We need 3 Leaders per County.  Go to "Contact" page to volunteer. Provide: Name, email, phone, County & State which will be posted on "States" page so Volunteers in your County can find you.