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Founder: CreatorisLiberty      John A Robb

Jimmy Swaggart Bible College - Associates Degree Pastoral Ministry

Williams Bible College

St Clair Community College

Power Plant Construction, Superintendent, Foreman, Mechanic 25 years 

Farm Owner/Operator 19 years

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"In the begining God created the heaven and the earth" Genesis 1:1 "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou hast understanding." Job 38:4
Earth: Third planet from the Sun, 93,000,000 miles.
Traveling 584,000,000 miles in a 1 year orbit of the Sun, at 67,000 mph through Space. Rotating 1,073 mph at the Equator, Peoria, IL 790 mph. The world sets its clock by the EARTH...

Earth 1% closer to Sun we would melt, 1% farther we would freeze.

Earth has Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Sufur and Micro-Nutrients necessary for Life.  90 naturally occuring Elements. NASA spending $Trillions searching other Planets with no luck. 


Earth averages about 200 Active Volcanoes. Planets have none. Mt Pinatubo in 1991 blew more Ash, CO2, Nitric Oxcide, Sulfur Dioxcide and other gases and Elements into Atmosphere than Man has since we have been here. So much for CO2 Global Warming. Do you think if there was a Volcanoe on another Planet we would see it on TV? Has anyone ever seen a Volcanoe on another Planet? Have you


Earth has Volcanoes because Hell is in the Center of the Earth. "For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest Hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains." Due 33:22. Planets have no Hell.


Earth is 2/3's Water which evaporates, makes Clouds, cools the Earth and produces Rain. An average of 5,000 Thunderstorms each day around the Earth rise 5 to 10 miles into the Atmosphere and function as Chimmeys that pipe CO2, Mercury, Aersoles and other Gases into Space. After, Thunderstorms we all see how blue the Sky is because it is very Clean.


"For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist." Colossians 1:16-17 






NOAH WEBSTER'S "PROPHECY" ABOUT 21ST CENTURY AMERICA  Noah Webster, author of the Blue-Backed Speller and the American Dictionary of the English Language, was one of the most important and influential figures in early American history. His spiritual conversion in 1808 at age 49 had a dramatic impact on his thinking, and his passion from then to the end of his long life was to encourage Bible education in America. He was convinced that a free republic could only exist if the citizens were righteous and wise, and he believed that only the Bible has the power to produce such citizens. In 1835, he issued the following warning:  "God has provided but one way, by which nations can secure their rights and privileges: by obedience to his laws. Without this, a nation may be great in population, great in wealth, and great in military strength; but it must be corrupt in morals, degraded in character, and distracted with factions. This is the order of God's moral government, as firm as his throne, and unchangeable as his purpose; and nations, disregarding this order, are doomed to incessant internal evils, and ultimately to ruin" (Noah Webster, Instructive and Entertaining Lessons for Youth, 1835). 

Coal and Oil, Hydrogen Carbon, are not Fossil Fuels and they are not "dirty". CO2, Carbon Dioxide, is not a poison gas it is the fuel that plants use to make more Food as they also produce Oxygen that keeps our Atmosphere at 21% Oxygen.  


America has 200 years of Oil, 100 years of Natural Gas and 260 to 300 years of Coal. Oil is as deep as 30,000 feet, so, not likey to be made of Vegetation and Dinosaurs, then there is the huge amounts needed to make this much Fuel and how about the constant decay of vegetation and animals.


Our Creator knew there would be 7 Billion People,  maybe 20 Billion before He returns, and He made Hydrogen Carbon Energy. The energy needs of this population is far beyond Fossils, Air and Wind.


The effect on costs of Coal Fired Power Plants by CO2 Global Warming SCAM is outrageous. 1982, before CO2 SCAM, Coal Generated Electricity Contruction costs where $1.5 Million per MegaWatt (million).  In 2016, an Accelerated Gasification Combined Cycle Coal Fired Power Plant will start-up in Kemper County MS, costs $10.5 million per MegaWatt.


This technology begins with the idea that CO2 is forming a blanket of Insulation in the Upper Atmosphere and trapping heat, which will inrease the average temperature, melt the Glaicers and Polar Caps, flooding large areas and making other areas inhabitable because of the increasing heat.


"Therefore, According to Gore and other Scamers, rising CO2 levels is Catastrophic. CO2 is alledgedly approaching 400 parts per million. Earth's Atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% minor Gases. CO2 is a very Minor Gas at 0.0004 of the Atmosphere. In the past CO2 has been 800 Parts Per Million, 0.0008, which did not produce Warming, Melting and Flooding, but rather produced more ideal conditions for growing more Food and Life. Cooler Climates produce less Rain and Food and more Harsh Living Conditions. Go to for more details.


In June, 2015, National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) published adjusted Temperature Records and declared the Warmest Year in History. In 10/15, U.S. House issued Subpeonas to NOAA for their records of the "temperature adjustments" because NOAA refused the House Oversite and Reform Committee requests for those Temperature Records before they were Adjusted, made warmer. 


It is certain that the temperature and climate has changed in past history. In the 900's Eric the Red's Clan moved from Norway and established 252 Farms, parts of some of the old rock buildings are still there, today. In the 1300's the "Little Ice Age" re-covered Greenland with Ice and the People perished or moved back to Norway.


In history it is well documented that the Earth's Climate has Changed between Warmer ansd Cooler because the Fusion of the Sun varies producing more or less Radiation which is what keeps the Earth's Atmosphere supporting Creation.


If this CO2 SCAM is not stopped and Coal Fired Power Plants continue to be shut down, Electricity Costs will be up 300% from where they were pre-CO2 SCAM. Shuting down Coal Fired Base Station Power Plants will bring Black Outs. It will be -14 in Peoria, IL, Wednesday Night 1/7/15. If there is a Blackout People will Freeze and some will be found Frozen. (10) times as many People freeze to death than die from heat.



    A Few Reasons an Evolutionary               Origin of Life Is Impossible

            by Duane Gish, Ph.D. * 

 The following are highlights from Dr Gish's reality check for Evolutionists and comments by others that we can use in School Board meetings.


1. ""There were no human witnesses to the origin of life, and no physical geological evidence of its origin exists".


2. Oxygen is essential for Life. Free Oxygen would Oxidize and destroy all Origin Molecules. Sun's Rays on Oxygen makes Ozone that protects the Earth from deadly UltraViolet Rays. Without Oxygen no life, with Oxygen first Molecules would die.


3. Basic Evolution Theory is that Energy in a Chemical Soup formed the first molecules of Life. "The problem for evolution is that the rates of destruction of biological molecules by all sources of raw energy vastly exceed their rates of formation by such energy."


4.  Addy Pross, Chemistry Professor Ben Guiron Uni wrote a book "What is Life" where he attempts to explain how Chemistry made "Reaction Products" which became Biology and formed the first molecules of Life. Pross said, " one might facetiously rephrase the question as follows: given an effectively unknown reaction mixture, under effectively unknown reaction conditions, reacting to give unknown products by unknown mechanisms, could a particular product with a specific characteristic . . . have been included amongst the reaction products?"


5. "If just one right-handed amino acid is in a protein, or just one left-handed sugar is found in a DNA or RNA, all biological activity is destroyed. There would be no mechanism available on a primitive Earth to select the correct form."


6. Evolutionists we have all the Chemicals and Minerals to make "Primordial Soup". We have Ultraviolet Light from the Sun, Electricity and Heat. Make the Soup, add the Light and Heat and prove your Theory.


7. DNA is the instructions in everyone of the 100 Trillion Cells in our Body that begin with the 23 Pairs of Chromosomes in the Embryo from our Parents. There are 130 known Human DNA Repair Genes called RNA. "DNA, as is true of messenger-RNA, transfer-RNA, and ribosomal-RNA, is destroyed by a variety of agents, including ultraviolet light, reactive oxygen species, alkylting agents, and water."  DNA and RNA forming in "Primordial Soup", IMPOSSIBLE.


  Please go to this link http// or click here and read Dr Gish's complete article. Most important, you will be on Institute of Creation Research's website where you can find many more articles that prove without doubt that Adam and Eve were directly and immediately Created by our Creator Jesus Christ. Please, Subscribe to ICR magazine "Acts & Facts",  which you will receive every month full of Real Science by real Scientists of every Discipline. ICR has 46  Volumes of Articles archived for your reasearch and study.


  Creation is Liberty does not intend to try and make scientific phrased arguments before School Boards we merely want to speak in common terms the Facts of Science that will rebut the Theory of Evolution that our Children are being indoctrinated  in. When we reach the point where we need Scientists, ICR has an abundance of Christian Scientists who can very efficiently rebut the Evolutionists and zealous but misinformed Teachers and Professors.  When we reach the level of Support across America to become successful there will be many Teachers, Professors, Politicians and Judges who will join in our Effort.




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