Only Congress Can Make Law. Courts Have Stolen the Right to Make Law

Somewhere, it became the responsibility of Courts to interpret all of the Laws that the Congress passes. But, that little word has become the foundation upon which the Courts make Laws. The Courts do have the right, in their Opinion, to declare Laws Unconstitutional and when they do these Laws must go back to the Congress to make clear what they intended. If the Congress gets out of line it is the Duty, only, of We the People to vote them out of Office. The Courts in their "duty" of interpretation declared themselves the ultimate Law Maker of America. A few of these Godless Traitors must be Impeached for their violations of the Constitution and the others would be more careful. America began

America's Founders Genius vs Fraud of Today

It is a well recognized fact that the work of our Founders in writing and ratifying America's controlling documents was and is pure Genius. Our Founders claimed no glory or credit for this never before achieved formation of individual Freedom for all Citizen Patriots of America. Rather they reserved all Honor to our Creator for his guidance and protection. All during the War of Independence against the greatest Army and Navy in the world, Britain, they called upon and depended upon our Creator Jesus Christ. After the War was won and formation of the National Government was being debated impasse was averted when Ben Franklin called for the Colony Delegates to summon the Christian Preachers to

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