Christians Cannot Live Outside God’s Laws, Americans Cannot Be Free Outside The Constitution

Is there any question that Christians are in fact Christians because they live by the teachings and spiritual guidance of our Creator, Jesus Christ. The certain source of his teachings, which are his Laws, Commandments and Judgments are found upon this earth, only in the Bible. The confirmation of the leading of the Holy Spirit in our life can only be verified as from the Holy Spirit if they agree with the Bible. When the Founders of America were establishing the Laws, Statutes and Judgments that made American’s free they wrote that these freedom’s come from their Bible and are only possible as they declared in our Founding Documents that American’s “are endowed by their Creator with certain

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Each County will organize their own Group.  We need 3 Leaders per County.  Go to "Contact" page to volunteer. Provide: Name, email, phone, County & State which will be posted on "States" page so Volunteers in your County can find you.