CHIMPANZEE Y CHROMOSOME RADICALLY DIFFERENT FROM HUMAN (Friday Church News Notes, September 25, 2015,,, 866-295-4143) - The following is by Dr. Robert Carter, "The Chimpanzee Y Chromosome Is Radically Different from Human," Dec. 16, 2010, "A new study published on the Y chromosome of chimpanzees has surprised many. After a lot of work, the chimpanzee Y chromosome has finally been finished. This may come as a surprise to many who thought the chimpanzee genome was completed way back in 2005. Actually, the original chimpanzee genome construction was less than optimal as they did not sequence it to the same standards of the human genome. ... Hal

The History of Darwinian Evolution

The Therory of Evolution is nothing more than Fraud in the same class as Anthropogenic Global Warming (man releasing too much CO2 which forms an insulating blanket in the upper atmosphere that holds the Heat in and will melt the Ice and drown or burn up all men and creatures). The probability for this to occur is about equal to the Moon falling out of the Sky because it is being flashed by teenagers with Lazer Lights. All plants, basic for all food, use CO2 to grow and emit Oxygen which man needs to live. We can all see that evolution is not occurring as there is no cats to dogs, cows to horses, hippos to rhinos, fish to turtles, etc. If monkies evolved to men why do we still have monkies? D

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