Nervous System: 45 miles of Nerves, 100 Billion Brain Cells, all with precise DNA Instructions. Evol

Man’s Brain and Nervous System is classified as a Electro/Chemical System. It is grown from a few Cells from a Father and Mother with Vitamins, Minerals, Food and Energy from the Mother. Man’s Nervous System is entirely self contained, self healing and living. Science has identified some 200 different types of Cells in Man’s body including Neurons that are the thoughts and commands generated in the Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerves throughout the Body. Neurons have a Nucleus, Outer Membrane, Plasma, Mitochondria (little machines) and DNA (instructing specifications). They are of many different sizes with Dendrites (similar to vines with stems and many branches) that receive signals from Sensory

A Few Reasons the Theory of Evolution is Impossible

The following are highlights from Dr Gish's reality check for Evolutionists and comments by others that we can use in School Board meetings. 1. ""There were no human witnesses to the origin of life, and no physical geological evidence of its origin exists". 2. Oxygen is essential for Life. Free Oxygen would Oxidize and destroy all Origin Molecules. Sun's Rays on Oxygen makes Ozone that protects the Earth from deadly UltraViolet Rays. Without Oxygen no life, with Oxygen first Molecules would die. 3. Basic Evolution Theory is that Energy in a Chemical Soup formed the first molecules of Life. "The problem for evolution is that the rates of destruction of biological molecules by all sources of r

Who Will Come To the Defense of America's Young Students?

"Angry Parents Say Son Was Stopped From Reading Bible in School" Beth Greenfield Senior WriterJanuary 6, 2015 "Parents in Missouri claimed this week that their 12-year-old son’s rights were violated when he was allegedly stopped from reading his Bible during free time in the classroom." “I like to read my Bible because it’s a good book,” Loyal Grandstaff told WDAF-TV on Monday. But, he claims, when he was reading it to himself before the holiday break, his seventh-grade teacher at Bueker Middle School in Marshall asked him to put the book away because it wasn’t permitted in the classroom. His father, Justin Grandstaff, was incensed, telling the TV station, “I feel like it violated his freedo

The Wonder of Bird Migration Biology Teacher Please Explain

The Wonder of Bird Migration January 6, 2015 __________ Bird migration is one of the incalculable wonders of creation. The incentive and ability to migrate long distances is obviously built into the creature's genetic code. It cannot be explained by "natural selection" or mutations. Evolutionists theorize that birds developed migration during the ice age. "[A]s the great ice sheets retreated from North America, they gradually expanded their ranges to exploit rich temperate food resources and nesting space" ("Migration Basics," This explains nothing, really. It doesn't explain why the birds would continue to migrate when they could easily stay in one place. It doesn't explai

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