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June 11, 2019

Please read this Article and keep in mind how the Elites (Supply Siders) got America into this Disaster of Destruction. I have had 100's of People working for me and I always operated with the fact that the dumbest guy on the Job could come up with a brillant idea that the wise guys never thought of. The Elites are destroying America. Elites are running Agriculture and Manufacturing. 

  It is time that Men and Women of Good Will stand up and over throw the Elites as we Take America Back. Step 1: Get the Preachers and Righteous Men and Women out of the Church House and in the Public Domain engaged in the Battle for Christian America which starts in the K-12 teaching our Children our Operating Manual which is our Creator's Bible. Pray for Presi...

December 21, 2018

  England who sent Missionaries to Africa and the far East. George Whitefield, John and Charles Wesley to America in the 1700's/1800's are now teaching girls who have been coerced into pretending to be boys that it is normal for boys to be girls and therefore boys menstruate. 

Transgender Chaos: Schools Now Teaching Students that B0ys can Menstruate

"In the latest sign that the world is wholeheartedly embracing an LGBT-fantasy world over the tried-and-true world of actual biology and science, the Telegraph reported this week that teachers who work in the Brighton & Hove City District (UK) will now be asked t...

March 11, 2017

A couple articles that I posted comments. America must drain the Swamp in government, judiciary, banks and our Education System. The foundation of America is based upon the Bible being the very words of our Creator and must be taught in our Schools from Primary through PHD. Evolution is not Science and is a complete Fraud, which is proven by no observable Evolution today and not a single Fossil shows any progression from one kind to another. Monkeys hands and feet are still curved and their wrists made to walk on, not a single one is learning to talk. Adam and Eve gave their Children the exact DNA or their bodies could not have grown into perfect Humans. All DNA traces to the 3 branches of Noah's Son's Wives.

Do not believe propaganda that is...

January 22, 2017

Somewhere, it became the responsibility of Courts to interpret all of the Laws that the Congress passes. But, that little word has become the foundation upon which the Courts make Laws. The Courts do have the right, in their Opinion, to declare Laws Unconstitutional and when they do these Laws must go back to the Congress to make clear what they intended. If the Congress gets out of line it is the Duty, only, of We the People to vote them out of Office. The Courts in their "duty" of interpretation declared themselves the ultimate Law Maker of America. A few of these Godless Traitors must be Impeached for their violations of the Constitution and the others would be more careful.

America began in 1776 when our Founders published the Godless a...

January 15, 2017

It is a well recognized fact that the work of our Founders in writing and ratifying America's controlling documents was and is pure Genius. Our Founders claimed no glory or credit for this never before achieved formation of individual Freedom for all Citizen Patriots of America. Rather they reserved all Honor to our Creator for his guidance and protection. All during the War of Independence against the greatest Army and Navy in the world, Britain, they called upon and depended upon our Creator Jesus Christ. After the War was won and formation of the National Government was being debated impasse was averted when Ben Franklin called for the Colony Delegates to summon the Christian Preachers to lead in a Day of Prayer to our Creator Jesus Chris...